A Lifeline Alarm is a way to call for help quickly and easily when it may otherwise be difficult to do so
Anyone can have a Lifeline Alarm! You can also order an alarm on somebody else's behalf, either a close friend, relative or patient if you're a medical professional. All you need to do call us 01622 910033 to get started.
Yes, you can. If this is the case, you would need to purchase the Lifeline GSM Alarm. Instead of using a telephone line, the GSM Alarm uses a sim card to connect to the strongest mobile phone network in your area. You simply plug the GSM Alarm into the mains power in your home and the sim card connects. You can inquire/purchase this over the phone or online. The GSM Alarm uses the same MyAmie Pendant as the standard Lifeline Alarm, and will connect you to our 24/7 Response Team. There are no extra sim card costs involved with the GSM Alarm, once you have the alarm everything (including calls) is included in the price you pay.
Yes of course, Call us to discuss your needs and we are happy to assist. There can be upto 10 Users per system
Call us to discuss 01622 910033, the short answer is yes, but will always differ to which country you may go to!
There is NO minimum age, we assist not only elderly but disabled and the young to be independent. We also assist lone workers
Yes we do, we offer this with all services! Leave everything to us!
Of course, word of mouth is our biggest advertisement!
This is worked out via our in house team, please call to discuss, 01622 910033
YES WE DO! We are seeing the growing need to fall detectors so they are compatible with all of our sytems
If you was to make an alert call then the charges will be UK standard landline rates.
You nominate 2 emergency contacts whom we make aware after any alert call. Also we supply and install key safes to every customer. Allowing a key to be securely located outside the house.
Do not worry about this, we at Virtucare take care of all installs!
Not a problem, by the time you've probably realised our lovely staff in the call centre would have probably already been speaking to you...… make them aware it was an accident and we will mark it as a test call. We are happy to speak to you!