Virtucare are a leading supplier of Lifeline and GPS Systems. This discreet little device is an emergency button that can be pressed to alert someone if medical assistance is required, whether in house or outside.

As a respected local based telecare provider we have researched on a large scale the benefits that each individual achieves from having one of our systems installed. We all strive to be as independent as we can throughout our life’s, especially in our older years. Our systems enable you to achieve this goal by alleviating the worry to both you and your family should the unimaginable happen. 

We pride ourselves in having a dedicated friendly team of staff to assist you from point of contact, through the assessment process, then onto installation, and finally to the fully trained 24-hour Personal Response team. Ensuring all aspects of contact are completed in a fast and efficient way from the offset.

Our dedication continues to progress even after sales, giving you continued peace of mind, with frequent check ups and continuous back office support. If you have any questions, please call on the below Telephone number.

VirtuCare the 24-hour invisible care package of today.